chrisfrmkro – sheba

chrisfrmkro – sheba

Happy Monday! Hope everyone is starting off the week as strong as possible. During these crazy times, we try to bring you music that can help you get through,and make life a touch smoother. With the new release from chrisfrmkro called “sheba” we know we’ve done just that.

The latest release from chrisfrmkro is some of his best to date on his new release “sheba”. The innovation and growth in the sound is apparent immediately, on this jazz inspired record. The production is smooth, with a nice soul feel ,with chrisfrmkro’s melodic approach melting through the speaks to create a blissful feel, that you get lost in for every second. The writing is amazing in it’s articulation and makes everything work just right to turn out a hit.

The creativity of chrisfrmkro is on full bloom, and helps him shine to the fullest on “sheba”. His dedication to his craft and musical prowess are on full display for the world to enjoy, with this St Louis talent giving you the blues his city is known for in a real way.

Check out chrisfrmkro “sheba” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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