Stilljune – We In Ours

Stilljune – We In Ours

One of the greatest things about the platform is seeing talent grow and even better to see them going for it. Being able to witness their continual growth, and seeing them take control, as well as their shot at true success. This all fits Stilljune with his new song “We In Ours”.

Stilljune brings a big time sound with his new song “We In Ours”. Stilljune is known for making heat for the streets, but with his latest effort he makes music for the world. The production is smooth, with a vocal performance from Corey Jones that gives the song nice mass appeal. Stilljune comes in with a commanding presence, with him showing he’s ready for the big time. His record making ability is on full bloom, with his pen shining bright in it’s finest hour to make a must hear hit.

Stilljune “We In Ours” is a promising record that will break new ground for this amazing talent. The song excels at making music people want to hear, with a record that is beyond just a great Hip Hop record, but a record that is just damn good music for people to enjoy.

Check out Stilljune “We In Ours” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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