GFTD Featuring Jackie Paladino – Soothe the Soul

GFTD Featuring Jackie Paladino – Soothe the Soul

Happy Sunday!!! We hope everyone is having a nice weekend despite the climate. If you need music that’s good for the soul and help you get through, then you need the new record from GFTD (2nd Generation Wu) on the new song “Soothe the Soul” featuring Jackie Paladino.

GFTD embodies everything it is to be an emcee on his new song”Soothe the Soul”. The sound is authentic and soulful, while his style is the perfect storm of intricate lyrics and aspiration met with a flow that is filled with pain. He raps with conviction, as he plays the perfect narrotr for our times being a voice for the people, with Jackie Paladino adding a nice touch..

GFTD featuring Jackie Paladino “Soothe the Soul” is a track that you must hear. He gives you something that is becoming a rarity which is an artist being daring enough to, try to spark change in the music. He has undeniable talent that is on full display from the production that sets the tone, a commanding flow that makes his presence felt, and his real lyrics that command the ultimate respect to make this track stellar in every way.

Check out GFTD “Soothe the Soul” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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