Vinyl Williams – Mithras

Vinyl Williams – Mithras

Some music just has that special thing to it. That thing that makes you listen and, catch on very early that this is something, you don’t hear everyday. That type of music is rare, but when you hear it you recognize it immediately. That’s what you get from Vinyl Williams on his new song “Mithras”.

Vinyl Williams captures the true art of music on the new song “Mithras”. It’s a creative piece of audio magic, with a sound that is on full bloom for the world to enjoy. The vocal approach is genius and meshes with the production in a real way, to help the songwriting shine to the fullest on this one of a kind record.

Vinyl Williams “Mithras” is genus level music, from a special kind of talent. Brilliance is what you get for every second, of this daring record. The music is packed with innovation that pushes, the culture of music forward, with a fresh approach to music that makes it a must hear.

Check out Vinyl Williams “Mithras” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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