G.L.A.M. – UhUh Yeah

G.L.A.M. – UhUh Yeah

A big misconception in music is that an artist has to be one thing. Some expect an artist to only be lyrical but not make music for the masses, and some assume since a record has mass appeal, that it lacks musical integrity. Some artist are good at doing both at a high level and making must hear music. That’s what G.L.A.M. conquers on her new song “Bill Bellamy”.

G.L.A.M. is the epicenter of being super talented and making engaging music with her new song “UhUh Yeah”. Her pen is beyond impressive, as it shines to the fullest over this fun self production. The flow is commanding and demands the ultimate respect, as well as attention as she marvels and shines like a bonafide star through this, exciting record.

G.L.A.M.’s “UhUh Yeah” is a record that showcases her as the star she is. Her ability to show her musical prowess, and make music for the masses, separates her from her counterparts in a major way. If you need good music and want to hear the next big thing, check out her music now!

Check out G.L.A.M. “UhUh Yeah” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!


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