Sea Girls – Do You Really Wanna Know? (Official Video)

Sea Girls – Do You Really Wanna Know? (Official Video)

With recent times we’ve seen the world change, with everyone looking for answers. Musicians have had to become more creative than ever, with the
pressure raising to see who’s really wants it. What Sea Girls did during this time is still deliver amazing music for their fans on the music video “Do You Really Wanna Know?”.

Sea Girls brings light to the world with their new video “Do You Really Know?”. The music is super fun and instantly engaging, as they take their tools to craft together a special experience. The production shows off their signature sound to the fullest, with a big time vocal performance, that delivers their songwriting that is destined to be heard and seen around the world.

Sea Girls continues to marvel with their work, with “Do You Really Wanna Know?” being a shining example of their star-power. The music can brighten up the dimmest day, and show that they’re hear to stay, with them embracing being in demand by their fans and admirers.

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