Kody Cove – Money On The Line

Kody Cove – Money On The Line

Exciting times in music as consistent lyrical heat is dropping and Kody Cove throws his name in the conversation, especially with his new track “Money On The Line”, That is a banner in the rafters for this talented emcee.

Kody Cove brings you a style that takes you back to when being an emcee meant having integrity on the mic on the new song Money On The Line”. He spits gold standard Hip Hop, over this amazing production that taps in to a classic, that will have you rocking from beginning to end. Every line being exciting in it’s own right to make it a hard record to run away from.

Kody Cove’s “Money On The Line” is the kind of record you show someone if they need to know what real Hip Hop sounds like. This is truly a master class performance of emceeing from the lyrics that hit hard, the high powered flow, and all over the production that you feel in the soul to create an instant classic.

Check out Kody Cove “Money On The Line” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!


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