ZillaKami (City Morgue) Featuring Nascar Aloe – ACAB (Official Video)

ZillaKami (City Morgue) Featuring Nascar Aloe – ACAB (Official Video)

Happy Wednesday!!! We hope you all are having a good week thus far, and have been able to enjoy the sweet pleasures of life. One of the best pleasures to enjoy is music that is packed with innovation and creativity. A distinct sound that stands apart from the pack .That’s what ZillaKami from City Morgue does this to perfection on the new song “ACAB” featuring Nascar Aloe.

ZillaKami collaborates with Nascar Aloe to show their signature creative sound, that’s on another level with the song “ACAB”. The best part of the music is the willingness to take chances in the music and it pays major dividends for this amazing talent. The sound is truly unique, as it grabs you in, while they deliver their lyrics in a creative way that is commanding through this production, that grabs the listeners ear to a superb level.

ZillaKami featuring Nascar Aloe “ACAB” is incredible record to add to their discography. The sound is infectious and genius as they blend multiple genres to create a vibe you hope never ends.

Check out ZillaKami featuring Nascar Aloe “ACAB” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!!!




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