Zairah – Que Paso

Zairah – Que Paso

Another week is upon us, which means another week of great music. Sometimes it takes a lot of digging to find the right track to present on here and sometimes it’s smooth. This situation is the former, with it taking a lot of digging wondering when we will find that smash. As soon as we found this crazy record, it grabbed us in, cause it’s easily some of the waviest music we’ve heard in a long time. The track we’re referring to is coming from Zairah on his new song “Que Paso”.

Zairah has the charisma of stars on this new record “Que Paso”. She has a charismatic presence on the track that instantly engages you and makes you listen waiting for excitement for what she will do next. The lyrics are packed with flair and swagger that make you want to sing along before truly knowing the words, with each line being delivered with conviction to sell it just right.

Zairah “Que Paso” is a fresh track just in time for Summer and is everything music should be. It’s exciting, original, and creative, with Zariah bringing us into her exciting world and making us fans of her amazing talent.

Check out Zairah “Que Paso” below and follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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