Jessie G – Goblin

Jessie G – Goblin

Happy Monday and Happy Memorial Day!!! Hope everyone is had a good weekend and starting the week off strong. If you need help with that then listening to the latest effort from super emcee Jessie G on his new song “Goblin”.

Jessie G truly lives up to the title on his new song “Goblin”. Being a true monster on the beat, showing his true form as a lyrical beast. The production is hard, and the rhymes are harder with each bar punching out, the texture of your speakers, with a flow tough enough to handle the power of the display of emceeing he delivers to the listeners.

Jessie G’s “Goblin” is one of his toughest records yet. Jessie has a dangerous and daring style, with everything being high level to the point, his fans will settle for nothing less. He always delivers and never slacks on the emceeing that will blow you away as soon as you let the record play for a second.

Check out Jessie G “Goblin” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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