HAUNTER Featuring R I L E Y – Miss Me

HAUNTER Featuring R I L E Y – Miss Me

Sometimes finding new music can be comparable to a treasure hunt. Searching far and wide trying to find the gems of the music world. You may find an empty treasure chest or you may find everything you’re looking for. HAUNTER’s new song “Miss Me” featuring R I L E Y is that treasure we’ve all been looking for.

HAUNTER and R I L E Y come together to make magic with their new song “Miss Me”. It’s the perfect record ti display where master class musicianship and mass appeal meet, with everything being done at an upper echelon level. The production is captivating and masterful as grabbing the listener instantly, the writing is intricate in it’s story telling, and the vocal performance takes it to the level it’s meant to , to make must hear music.

HAUNTER featuring R I L E Y “Miss Me” is everything you could want from a record and collaboration. The production stops you in your tracks, the songwriting is amazing, and the vocal performance that makes this an incredible record you will want to hear again and share with others.

Check out HAUNTER featuring R I L E Y “Miss Me” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!



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