Alex Mali – I Know

Alex Mali – I Know

Happy Friday!!! It’s a great to start to what will be a great weekend for us all. For your start to the weekend, we always have something great for you in store. It’s hard to grab the attention of the masses as an artist present day. So many artists out there trying to make their mark in music, it almost makes the task impossible. Only thing that makes the task harder is being a female artist. It takes a lot stand out and not everyone makes it but some people are just stars. Alex Mali is one of those stars especially with her new song “I Know”.

Alex Mali truly does it all on her new song “I Know”. She has incredible lyricism and flow that grabs you immediately,  giving you amazing talent and versatility from start to finish. Alex just has a style that is infectious and grabs you instantly, as she flexes all over this production, with that nice bounce to make you move for every second.

Alex Mali’s “I Know” is the perfect song to start off your weekend and gets you energized as she gives you excitement in every line with flavor. Alex crafts together a masterpiece showing she’s great at every facet of artistry that makes her a true standout.

Check out Alex Mali “I Know” below and follow her on Twitter and Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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