Violet Capri Featuring Jidé – Fiening (Remix)

Violet Capri Featuring Jidé – Fiening (Remix)

There’s so many ways to take in music. Some music you hear so much that you like it, and some tunes don’t waste a single second grabbing you in and create an engaging experience of audio that you enjoy till it’s finished, only to start it again. That’s what Violet Capri brings to the table on her new song “Fiening (Remix)” featuring Jidé.

Violet Capri links with Jidé to make a must hear record on the new “Fiening (Remix)”. It’s a smooth record that you become infatuated with instantly with smooth production that creates an ambient vibe, that meshes well their great vocals, and brilliant songwriting that entertains you with every line delivered, to make a masterpiece.

Violet Capri Featuring Jidé “Fiening (Remix)” is an incredible record with a sophisticated sex appeal to it, that feels good to the soul. It’s amazing audio art that shines light on the new age of Rhythm and blues, that makes this record enjoyable in a real way.

Check out Violet Capri Featuring Jidé “Fiening (Remix)” and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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