Artist are more talented than they’ve ever been. There’s a huge array of new artists who can do it all high level. An artist who is a stand out is none other than XANDE with his new song “NO MAN”.

XANDE is an incredible talent who is super dope. The name alone is attention grabbing and from there he amazes you as soon as you hit play. XANDE fuses together everything great from different genres to one track on “NO MAN” with the lyrics and cadence being hip hop, the vocal performance having the soul of R&B, the mass appeal of Pop, and the production that is packed with Trap elements.

XANDE’s “NO MAN” will be your new favorite song as soon as you hit play. If this is your first time hearing him, it’s the perfect introduction and if you’ve been a fan, you’ll not only love it for how amazing it is but also for the music that shows his unlimited ceiling to his talents. 

Check out XANDE “NO MAN” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!


One thought on “XANDE – NO MAN

  1. U guys r gonna make me cry man….can’t thank u enough for the kind words…this made my day 100% thank u for giving a chance to unsigned artists ❤ Xande

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