The Magician – You and Me

The Magician – You and Me

People go to music for many things, including to have a good time. That music that makes all your problems go away, as you are lost in the music. That type of music will always be fun and that’s what The Magician gives you on his new song “You and Me”.

The Magician truly lives up to the name on his new song “You and Me”. The music is magic, with the feel good production that makes you want to dance, and take in the record as soon as you hear it. The songwriting is just right for the party, with the vocal performance meshing with the music perfectly to make a musical experience you’re happy to be apart of.

The Magician’s “You and Me” is the perfect form of music. Being music made for the people to dance and enjoy life. His talents are on full bloom for the world to take in and enjoy, as he has mastered the art of making high quality music and music that can be taken in by the masses.

Check out The Magician “You and Me” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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