Moby Rich Featuring Bishop Briggs – friends*

Moby Rich Featuring Bishop Briggs – friends*

The special touch to add to music, is making it relatable. Making music people can connect to, as they look for answers to life in the music. That’s what you can expect from the new song from Moby Rich featuring Bishop Briggs called “friends*”.

Moby Rich is always consistent with the music with their latest release “friends*” being no different. The production is bright and can bring the party to wherever you are, while the writing is more relatable than ever to, anyone trying to make it out of the dread friend zone. The song vocally is everything it needs to be with it having that signature appeal, that makes it a hit.

Moby Rich’s “friends*” featuring Bishop Briggs has that summertime shine to it, while still being musically top class. The production sets the perfect stage for the magic they create, the writing is superb, and vocally it’s all their to create the perfect storm of must hear music.

Check out Moby Rich Featuring Bishop Briggs “friends*” below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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