NyuKyung – MisMatch

NyuKyung – MisMatch

Happy Monday!!! Hope everyone had a good weekend and ready for an even better week. To start off the week we always make sure the posts are nothing short of fire, and an artist who delivers every time is NyuKyung with his latest release “MisMatch”.

NyuKyung is known for impressive emceeing, but he dares to be great with his new “Harmonic Trap” song and it works just right. The lyrics are still high level, while he shows his range with a melodic approach that’s the perfect balance of music. All of this takes place of a great production that plays the perfect score for the hit NyuKyung crafts.

NyuKyung’s “MisMatch” is a gift to all of his new and old fans, as he gives his all in the music. Anything you hope to hear from a record is waiting for you after you press play. He’s able to show he’s lyrically sharp, while still making music for the masses to vibe to.

Check out NyuKyung “MisMatch” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!


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