Album Review: THE SEVENth – South East Side Mixtape

Album Review: THE SEVENth – South East Side Mixtape

Listening to a project, you’re always looking to hear that new fresh sound. Looking for music that you’ve never heard, from an artist to see how creative they decided to be. With THE SEVENth he decides to embody the art of music, and creates a stellar masterpiece like no other on this compilation style project “South East Side Mixtape” that’s an ode to Grand Rapids. It’s music that’s innovative and takes chances that pays major dividends, for not only his artistry but the features as well, who are all from his south east side neighborhood on this 12 track project. Below is the review.

INTRO FT WOLF G: The perfect intro for the project. The sound starts off with synth work that sets an abstract scen,e before it switches into a soulful tone. After the switch up the music grabs you, as it has a soulful grit to it with a cinematic approach, that sounds like a score for a blaxploitation film.

I CAN TELL FT MARQBEYOND: “You ain’t never done it, like I did it, I can tell” With the intro setting the scene, THE SEVENth links with Marqbeyond and plays no games. The music sounds like a new age version of the intro from Method Man’s “Tical” album. MarqBeyond kicks it off with commanding skill, with every line being filled with conviction. THE SEVENth steps in with his first vocals of the tape sounding more confident and polished than ever. The flow is in pocket and the rhymes are wavy to make his presence felt in a real way.

MEAT GRINDER (FREESTYLE): As the music switches pace it goes into a soulful musical interlude giving Grand Rapids, it’s own theme that feels like Roy Ayers “We Live in Brooklyn, Baby”. The instrumental then switches into a funky bass line driven instrumental that he gets busy on to close the show.

MEAN IT FT. OSKI & JANCE:  THE SEVENth keeps the momentum going on this track, that is the perfect hand off from the previous record. The chorus is pure gold to start it off, with Oski and Jance stepping right into their bags to make you bounce on this track you can vibe to. The verses are on point and makes this track an audio gem.

BOUT THAT TIME FT. SENUA: “Romeo must die, but the time must stop” THE SEVENth’s songwriting shines on this track that may be my personal favorite. The production keeps this project sonically brilliant, as it changes pace, while still keeping the underlying soul feel established in the previous records, to create a one of a kind experience. The lyrics are all game, with a smooth delivery for every line with SENUA adding vocals to give it a nice touch to take it to another level.

S.E. SIDE [FREESTYLE]: The perfect track to get lost in, with the record being some of his most daring work yet. The music is exciting sounding like the perfect fuse of work from Tyler The Creator’s “Cherry Bomb” and N.E.R.D.’s “NO ONE EVER REALLY DIES” project. The vocal approach holds the perfect amount of control, and allows him to ride the waves of the production with ease.

S.E. SIDE [FREESTYLE 2] FT. JOOSE THE CONQUEROR: “Some move weight, some move weight” the music slows down but the innovation continues as THE SEVENth and Joose the Conqueror embody what it is for two emcees to take over a track, with sharp emceeing combined with hard lyrics. Their work makes this track a record with unlimited replay value to catch all the lines provided by the pair.

OMW FT. JAMAR: An appreciated aspect of the project is the range and sides of the musical spectrum, The SEVENTth takes you with this record packed with Electro Pop and EDM influence, being a shining example of that. The production is exciting with driving drums and nice synth work that Jamar’s vocals fit perfectly on.

DON’T RUN AWAY: The party keeps going, with the perfect follow up to the previous record. The music is packed with grooves and impressive synth work that feels good to hear, while he plays the perfect emcee making the people move for every second of audio on this track.

HOT SAUCE FT. WALDO & JOOSE THE CONQUEROR: “You so hot, I put you on everything” A posse cut is always fun to hear, with this one being no expection. A record packed with plenty of bravado with THE SEVENth, Waldo, and Joose The Conqueror rocking every single second of the track. Each verse carries it’s own weight with this song making the perfect statement of how busy, everyone got on this superb work of art.

ON FWD: If someone needs to hear a track of THE SEVENth’s musical prowess. This is the perfect track. His understanding of music screams out of the music, with the music being reminiscent of Mos Def’s “May-December”. The music is soulful and his rhyming is even more. The lyrics are poetic and connect with listener just right to make them felt.

OUTRO FT. DANTE COPE: The perfect finale for this modern day musical masterpiece. The horns shine and with the funk grooves, while THE SEVENth and Dante Cope bring it all home to end it off with the exclamation mark it deserved.

If you not only love Hip Hop but music to your core this is the album you need in your life. THE SEVENth dares to be great, and he shines to the fullest, with one of the mast daring, innovative, and creative bodies of work that you will hear from a special creative.

Check out THE SEVENth “South East Side Mixtape” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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