problem solved Featuring ScoobE – Over It

problem solved Featuring ScoobE – Over It

It’s always great to hear collaboration in music. The music where great minds come together to make one amazing cohesive sound. Especially when the the right producer, links with the right artist to make magic, and you can hear the chemistry in the music. That’s what you get from problem solved on the new song “Over It” featuring ScoobE“.

What problem solved and ScoobE are able to do on the new song “Over It” is nothing short of brilliance. The production is infectious and sets an engaging tone, with 808’s and bass knocking out the speakers to set the perfect tone for the record. ScoobE adds incredible value with the right flow over this beat with bounce, and lyrics filled with a nice touch of bravado that will make the people move.

The new song from problem solved featuring ScoobE “Over It” is a fresh take to music that makes it exciting to discover. Everything click in it’s own special way to make the song enjoyable for every second of audio. The production is great in it’s approach and the rhyming fits the music perfect to make it a must hear record.

Check out problem solved featuring ScoobE “Over It” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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