Master Pen: Jordn Crow

Master Pen: Jordn Crow

One of the most exciting things when hearing an artist, is there energy. Their presence that you can feel through the speakers, and know they have the upmost confidence in their craft and are ready to take the world. That’s what your hear from Jordn Crow on his impressive release “Carole Baskin”. Tapping in to the popular Netflix special and capitalizing off that in a major way musically. He was gracious enough to take time to break down the process for his new release. Below he breaks down his Master Pen.

Who is Jordn Crow the artist?

I’m open with my approach to music and I have good range when it comes to topics and expression. I rap about what I want and how I feel with no apologies because that’s how the best music is made (in my opinion). I’m a perfectionist with my sound and I make music because I like to. I know that not everybody is going to like it. 

What inspired the lyrical approach to your “Carole Baskin”?

The underdog mentality. I rarely take the time to indulge in TV series or movies so the COVID-19 situation really gave me the opportunity to sit back and take in how fast paced life has been for me. I decided to watch the Tiger King series on Netflix and I learned how bizarre the situation was – and how much attention it was attracting. I saw it as an opportunity to express my personal thoughts while having a little fun and making reference to the TV show. Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin struggled for power and control through the series. I just related it to the music industry and that whole idea of “saving” hiphop these days.

In your opinion what is the bar you wrote that you knew would get people’s attention and break it down?

“Ask me why I don’t reply I’m just too Hot I feel like summer, Been a Tiger I ain’t lyin’, Watch me drive it with my Putter” 

– This line has like 6 layers and many different meanings to it
1. “Ask me why I don’t reply I’m just to hot I feel like summer” – When I say this I’m talking about responding to negativity or keeping myself out of that mind state.
2. When I wrote the song the entire reference is to Tiger King so I made sure that the initial part could be interpreted as “Been a tiger, I ain’t Lion” (I’m a tiger not a lion)
3. I’m making reference to Tiger Woods. “Been a Tiger I ain’t lyin’, Watch me drive it with my putter.

4. I’m also saying that I’m like a Tiger so I’m going to go and “hunt” for the success that I’m seeking.
5. The “Watch Me Drive it Wit My Putter'” line is making reference to the fact that I don’t have many resources to get to where I want to go but I am making it work in my favour better than anyone could have thought. Even though I’m using the Putter to hit the ball I’m still driving my career where I want it to go and I’m proud of that.
6. In general, the bar is calling out any of the people who have doubted me and continue to doubt me because I’m still putting in the work regardle

What do you think is the bar that people may sleep on listening to “Carole Baskin” and why?

“And now they know I’m gone my flow exotic I’m a foreigner, I’m dyin’ for a cause and they gon find it like the coroner”

– This bar holds value because it’s reflecting on my character how I know I am different. I’m talking directly to the people who are being receptive of my lyrics and what I’m doing. Communicating that the negative people are going to be proven wrong regardless.

What would you rate your pen on “Carole Baskin” 1-10? 10 being the highest?

8.9/10 – I’m confident in my pen game but I know I can do better

What can people expect next from Jordn Crow?

I’m sitting on a lot of unreleased music. I plan to release more music and more videos throughout the year. There may be an EP released as well. 

I promise there will be more music regardless so make sure to follow me on all socials @jordncrow

Check out Jordn Crow “Carole Baskin” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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