Chuuwee – Knocked Off

Chuuwee – Knocked Off

Some artists you just expect greatness from. No matter when you see their record or hear it, you know once the play button is pushed, you will love what you hear. That’s everything Chuuwee does on his new song “Knocked Off”.

Chuuwee does everything and more on his new record “Knocked Off”. His infamous pen shines bright on this record filled with bravado, as each line make you take a step back to take in the level of fire he’s spitting. Chuuwee’s presence can’t be ignored with supreme confidence oozing all over this record, while you hear he’s not hesitating for a second to give a classic performance.

Chuuwee’s ‘Knocked Off” feels like a statement record, with his talent being loud, clear and in your face. He ups his game with every release, with his latest effort being him in his finest hour.

Check out Chuuwee “Knocked Off” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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