Aklesso – Ayy 3x

Aklesso – Ayy 3x

Summer anthems are in full effect! It’s that time of the year where people want to have festive times, and are looking for the soundtrack for their summer. So many artists try their hand at making the music that will make their mark on the time for the people. It takes a special kind of magic to make it work, but Aklesso has that special kind of magic on the new anthem “Ayy 3x”.

Aklesso have an undeniable presence with superb skills at rhyming, flowing with perfect timing, and having a pen of hitmakers. The new song “Ayy 3x” is the perfect mixture of great rhyming in the verses, and the niche for making hits with the chorus that makes it an undeniable score for the summer. He does this all over a beat with the right amount of bounce to it ,that his words pop off of every 808 and into the ears of the admiring listener.

Aklesso’s “Ayy 3x” is the summer anthem you’ve been waiting for. It feels good to the soul, as he takes control with a stellar performance on the mic, showing his full skill set, while still making damn good music that is digestible for the masses, and showing he’s worth the hype.

Check out Aklesso “Ayy 3x” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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