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Summer is fast approaching and everyone is looking for the music to match the festive times that come with the season. A record that is hot as weather that’s coming is from Chantel Jeffries on her new song “Come Back To Me” featuring Shaylen that sounds like a sure hit.

Chantel Jeffries collaborates with Shaylen to make audio magic. The song is a record you groove to endlessly with the bright production that sets a fun tone, as the vocal performance sound big time and guides the way on what is an amazing music experience. The approach by Chantel is true magic as she crafts together a special sound, that stands out from the pack, and jams to create a track with unlimited replay value.

Everything you need to hear from music today is what is given from Chantel Jeffries on her new song “Come Back To Me” featuring Shaylen. The musicianship displayed is brilliant from the incredible vocal performance, the great songwriting, and the genius level production that create the perfect storm of amazing music.

Check out Chantel Jeffries Featuring Shaylen “Come Back To Me” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!



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