Nickolas Joy – St Louis Blues

Nickolas Joy – St Louis Blues

An important part of being an artist is selling yourself, as well as an artist. Being able to get the people to buy in to your artistry, in a real way to make them lifelong fans of your work. Nickolas Joy understands this and does this perfection especially with his new song “St Louis Blues”.

Nickolas Joy first gave us a listen of “St Louis Blues” during his set for the first Global World Concert Series. Relating his journey with his hometown team winning the Stanley Cup. The record is filled with soul and blues that St Louis is known for. The story telling is incredible and puts you in the seat of the dreamer, with a story you make your own, as Nick’s presence with the flow being undeniable.

Nickolas Joy’s “St Louis Blues” is that soulful Hip Hop that stays with you for a lifetime. It’s a record that people all over the world can connect, and relate to with him giving his all in his music, to not only make great music but also music to help people get through.

Check out Nickolas Joy “St Louis Blues” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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