Samad Savage – GOODNIGHT

Samad Savage – GOODNIGHT

Happy Saturday!!! We’ve made it through another week and , we’re still bringing you the best content out there. The weekends are all about excellence and there’s no way we can truly stand by that without posting the new song from Samad Savage called “GOODNIGHT”.

Samad Savage sound is commanding on “GOODNIGHT” with his flow, that sounds like he’s ripping a cipher or doing a famous freestyle with his voice being so raw and filled with hunger. Samad’s flow is perfect to deliver his hard bars that are equipped with excitement in every line. His pen is impressively razor sharp and cuts this production that knocks into shreds by the time the record ends.

Samad Savage’s “GOODNIGHT” is that gold standard Hip Hop needed to keep the culture moving forward. He approaches his music with integrity and it’s present on this amazing track. The lyrics are hard and pack a punch, the flow is high powered, and it’s all delivered on the right production to make this a stand out track you need to hear immediately.

Check out Samad Savage “GOODNIGHT” and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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