chillpill x GOLDN – Fuck The Club

chillpill x GOLDN – Fuck The Club

Artists are more advanced than they’ve ever been. Countless special artists are coming out daily, and collaborating with each other, in a major way to make music like we’ve never heard. The latest collab from chillpill and GOLDN is a shining example of the new class of artists with the new record “Fuck The Club” being a shining example.

The new collaboration between chillpill and GOLDN brings it all together and let’s their talents shine on the new record “Fuck The Club”. The vocals are filled with good energy, that makes everything feel fresh and fun, while all of this taking place over an amazing production that is the perfect showcase for them to show their incredible talent for the world to enjoy.

The new record “Fuck The Club” from chillpill and GOLDN is one of the freshest songs you will hear present day. It’s a record that has a coolness and swagger to it, that you can relate to it, and enjoy limitlessly with a feel good tone to it that you don’t want to end.

Check out chillpill and GOLDN “Fuck The Club” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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