The Million – Check Up

The Million – Check Up

There’s a lot of music out there but nothing will ever beat an undeniable record. A record that makes you feel , with the energy created by the artist, that you feel every note and instrument being played, to the point you know it was everything you needed to hear at that moment. That’s the type of music that makes you a fan for life, and you will be an instant fan of The Million on the new song “Check Up”.

The Million don’t waste a single second on the new song “Check Up”. As soon as you hit play the music grabs you, and drags you in to a musical journey that’s fun to be apart of. The production is pure brilliance, capturing  a dreamy ambitious scene, being matched by the right vocal performance, packed with melodies that helps the songwriting and story telling shine to the fullest.

The new song from The Million  is one of those songs that do all of the talking for you. All of their talents comes together to create magic and an instant classic that you must share with anyone in your life, who loves good music. It’s fresh, exciting and everything that music is supposed to be, with them being daring in their approach and it pays major dividends for this super talent.

Check out The Millions “Check Up” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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