Co Owner of Branch Off Records, Andre Davis talks Branch Off, Vision, Challenges, and More!

Co Owner of Branch Off Records, Andre Davis talks Branch Off, Vision, Challenges, and More!

Your mission behind what you try to pursue, is equally as important as what you do. Having something rooted in the right purpose and virtue will always help it last to the fullest. With Branch Off Records it’s about not only making must hear music, but giving back to the people who matter most. Branch Off Records, Co Owner Andre Davis was gracious enough to take some time to answer some questions for us on this thriving company. Below is the interview.

What is Branch Off Records?

Branch Off Records is a family. Formally know as shade tree militia. It’s a ban of brothers an sisters with the same goal which is to be successful in life as well as music an to change lives for our kids family and community.

What inspired you to get into the music business?

My partner coot myesta and his brother (Fuji) and uncle (dred) was doing music as shade tree militia. An was touring up an down the east coast an that’s what I wanted to do so I’m kinda like second generation In the music it’s jus one of those things that I always will love an want to be apart o

What’s your vision for Branch Off Records? 

To change not only our lives an family’s life but to get some of these younger people off the street an show them that there is other ways to live an that anything you set your mind to u can doit

What do you enjoy the most about running Branch Off Records? What do you find most challenging?

My favorite part is the networking with other people involved in the entertainment industry. An to hear people’s story’s an building relationships with different people. The most challenging thing I think I face now is the balance of everyday life and still keeping focus on the music business and actually finding the right formula that works for us to get to the next level.

What advice would you give someone trying to start their own brand?

I would tell them first off to fall in love with it an make a prize possession like a new born baby. Surround yourself with people who are not asking for hands out but rather step in an get dirty with u an finally have fun
What can people expect next from Branch Off Records?- we have several projects recently released singles from my artist (dj Wednesday) net-flixxx (mini mo betta) maxx out (tnt Lil se7en) smoke.

My single is set to drop 5/18 titled “unstable” i am actually going to executive produce release and publish my first rock n roll record I’m really excited about that. Also mini mo betta wil be dropping another single “dead weight” an I will be dropping one ” Quarantine” tnt will be dropping an 7 song mix tape. Last thing lol I will be doing lots an lots of interviews so everyone will be seeing a lot of me and my camp.

Connect with Off Branch Records below and Check out their talent. Stay Global my Friends!

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