Focus the Truth – Days of Our Lives

Focus the Truth – Days of Our Lives

Some artist just have a presence about them. Some artist you hear, and know this is a rare talent, with high caliber ability, to the point it commands all of your attention. That’s the feel Focus the Truth has to him on his new record “Days of Our Lives”.

Focus the Truth sounds like he’s destined for greatness on his new song “Days of Our Lives”. His flow is flawless and exciting as he attacks this beat, with high focus and precision to deliver his lines with ultimate perfection. The lines are sharp and filled with raw truth that makes it engaging record for every second of audio he blesses us with.

Focus the Truth’s “Days of Our Lives” is a record that sounds like New York is back. It embodies the feel in a real way of what authentic Hip Hop sounds like. The poise on the mic is genius and helps him control this record in a genius way.

Check out Focus the Truth’s “Days of Our Lives” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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