EJO – Superficial Dreams

EJO – Superficial Dreams

Nothing beats a record that feels good to hear. A record you can play and get away to a place, where your problems don’t exist. That type of music connects with the listener every time and EJO has that type of record on his new song “Superficial Dreams”

EJO¬†crafts together a one of a kind piece of audio that the world should her on his new song “Superficial Dreams”. The flow is a s fluid as ever as he gives impressive writing that is amazing in it’s storytelling , with so many layers to love and get lost in with a vibe that takes you to another world.

EJO’s “Superficial Dreams” will be your new favorite song as soon as you hit play. If this is your first time hearing him, it’s the perfect introduction and if you’ve been a fan then you get everything you love from him and more on this special tune.

Check out EJO “Superficial Dream” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!


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