Dmts Speaks In Depth on Career, Influences, “Pardon Me, A Mothers Pain”, Community Work, and What’s to Come

Dmts Speaks In Depth on Career, Influences, “Pardon Me, A Mothers Pain”, Community Work, and What’s to Come

Hip Hop is beyond just a genre of rhyming words. Hip Hop is power, and the voice of change. Being bold and daring in it’s approach to go against the grain, in not only take action in the music but the community as well. An artist who embodies the revolutionary side of music is Dmts. An incredible artist who not only has great music, but a greater message and mission that he is dedicated to. Dmts was gracious enough to take time from his busy schedule to answer some questions for us. Below is the interview.

Who is Dmts  the artist?

Dmts is an entrepreneur, business owner, community activist, author and artist with a story to inspire others. Deivone aka ran for Mayor in 2019 in his town as an independent to try and fix the nasty political system within by bringing all parties and the community together. Even though he didn’t win the seat others say he won something way more important, he won the trust of the people & his state of CT!

His main goal is to create a new and positive path for the next generation of youth, while educating the masses with his unique storytelling through his music. His message is unity, economic development & ownership. From the struggle to the rise of success in and out of the prison system from age 11 to 21 he finally managed to break the cycle and turn his whole life around. With 6 felonies on his back he still accomplishes everything and more not letting nothing stop him. And in 2019 he received a full pardon of his criminal record expunged after 12 years and being rejected 4 times; his advice never quit.

Who are some of the influences and how do you incorporate that into the music?

Shawn Carter is someone I admire a great deal not only because of his powerful artist skills and message to the culture. I love his business and entrepreneur mind set and passion behind it all. To watch someone come in the game in the 90s and still be the talk of pop culture is a beautiful thing. True definition of legendary.  

Curtis Jackson also plays a big part in the people I look up to and learn from. With his ability to successfully maneuver through the music, film and business industry motivates me day by day. Also, his book the 50th law is in my collection very, very powerful and mind opening.

Napoleon Hill also plays a big part of who I have become through his books, life story and philosophy.

Having these people who are much older than myself with years of knowledge and wisdom to look up too, study and be inspired by everyday allows me to learn and grow better than ever and even though I have never meet either one of them I believe that every mind and energy force is connected. Life and experience are the best teachers I learn from what others did wrong and right.

This technique helps me in so many ways whether I’m creating new music, writing a book, starting another business or just taking care of my kids, family or community.

What was the creative process for your new song “Pardon Me, A Mothers Pain'”?

For this song to be created it was more then natural, as soon as I decided to make this track and put my pain in this song it was complete in less than 4 hours. With so much to talk about and deliver to the people in a beautiful creative way it was really was effortless.

When writing the truth about anything its always easy for me. My process for writing any song is never done sitting down listening to a beat over and over wasting hours, days or sometimes weeks. When I’m inspired at that very moment, I grab a paper or my phone and start creating.

How does it feel now that “Pardon Me, A Mothers Pain” is out for people to hear?

It feels really great to deliver my message of truth, pain and inspiration to the world in the form of art. I am also an author of two books, (A mother’s pain part 1, and Pain Guilt & Success. These books were also written and filled with knowledge, wisdom and a story to help uplifted the youth and others. But now with streaming and internet I decided to put this project (Pardon me, The Blue Print) in the form of music and really reach the masses and inspire the world. Pardon Me, A mother’s pain is just Ch 2 of 13 chapters.

What is the biggest thing you want people to take away from your music?

Unity in our communities so we can create a new and positive path for the youth of the future to follow. Teaching entrepreneurship creating jobs and maintaining ownership so we can begin to create and pass down generational wealth. I want every boy and girl out there to don’t let nothing stop you, don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done and never ever be afraid to try something new or fail, because with every failure brings with it a seed of success. Inspire others to be inspired use other people’s stories, music and art to help you in your life. And one more thing before I go be a stand-up guy/woman and have loyalty in your relationships and never forsake your offspring be there for them.

 What’s next for Dmts?

Pardon me, The Blue Print, is not a music album it’s a unique body of work in the form of music, speeches, skits and interviews that will be released by Chapters over a period of 3 months.

Ch 1 “Who runs this state” and Ch 2 “Pardon me, A mother’s pain” is available now on all streaming platforms. Ch 3 “We can be anything” will be released on 5/22/2020

We also just hit our 1-year anniversary at our very successful restaurant “My wife didn’t cook LLC” in NB, CT As we continue to build economic development and crate jobs the grind never stops.

Along with our new partnership with our CT prison commissioner and Warden we are working very hard to save our young kids from the system and losing their lives stay tuned.

Check out Dmts “Pardon Me, A Mothers Pain” below and follow him on Instagram.

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