Alissa Musto – How Still

Alissa Musto – How Still

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a good weekend and ready to have an even better week. Mondays are always about start the week fresh with amazing content and it’s always important to have the right music for that. Alissa Musto has the right music with her new song “How Still”.

Alissa Musto has a powerful sound that commands your attention with her new song “How Still” that’s an adaptation of the Langston Hughes poem. Alissa’s vocal performance is the perfect storm of control and vulnerability, that instantly grabs you in, and makes you feel the song in your soul. The production is sets the perfect scene and the song writing is superb to make this a master class of music.

Alissa Musto’s “How Still” is a brilliant record that shows both the power and art of music. The music is superb, from the vocal performance that plays the perfect narrator for the story, the lyrics that are thought provoking and engaging, and the production that’s big enough to handle it all.

Check out Alissa Musto “How Still” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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