Every artist strives to stand out from the pack. Have music that can separate them from other artists out there. A great way of doing that is not only having quality music, but a niche or a special sound that people can come to you for. For super smooth music, that’s packed with undeniable swagger, you can always go to MfnCheeks with his new song “Rock You” featuring Seventeen Avenue and SENUA, being a testament to that.

MfnCheeks makes some of his finest work to date with his new song “Rock You” featuring Seventeen Avenue and SENUA. Seventeen Avenue and SENUA provide amazing vocals over this ambient production, that sets the stage well for the show MfnCheeks gives you. His flow commands presence as he steps in pocket with a confident poise that gets the record to it’s rightful destination.

MfnCheeks featuring Seventeen Avenue and SENUA is impressive in every way. It not only is an amazing record for the world to enjoy but the perfect statement for MfnCheeks growth in his artistry. The production is incredible, the rhyming is on point, and the background vocals top it off to make this a record enjoyable for the masses.

Check out MfnCheeks featuring Seventeen Avenue and SENUA and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!





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