The Super-Talented, Kaitlyn Shuko Goes in Depth on Career, Influences, “Breathe”, and What’s to Come

The Super-Talented, Kaitlyn Shuko Goes in Depth on Career, Influences, “Breathe”, and What’s to Come

nothing gets more subjective than music. Everyone hearing a record and having a different opinion, but there’s a always music that you hear and you know this is special, and holds your attention for every second. When we heard Kaitlyn Shuko’s “Breathe” we knew it was no denying this is amazing artist we were hearing. We wanted to get to know more about this artist and she was gracious enough to take time to answer some questions for us. Below is the interview.

Who is Kaitlyn Shuko the artist?

I am a 22 year old California based bedroom pop singer.
I got my start doing music playing Jazz guitar which eventually grew to doing singing covers, and later to where I am today, original music.

Who are some of the influences and how do you incorporate that into the music?

My influences are a long list, but I think mostly artists such as Joji, Clairo, and a lot of midcentury Jazz musicians. I would say that the bedroom pop aesthetics and the whole lo-fi hip hop scene in general is a huge part of my aesthetic in general

What was the creative process for your new song “Breathe'”?

I started with the line “I been walking down this hallway like its up a landslide” and kind of lifted off from there. The melody definitely changed along the way & I ended up scrapping a big part of what it originally was supposed to be, however I wrote it and recorded it in within a day

How does it feel now that “Breathe” is out for people to hear? 

It’s a bit scary just because the lyrics are very personal to me and show a side of me that I don’t tend to share, but it’s definitely freeing to be so open and honest about it for once.

What is the biggest thing you want people to take away from your music?

All I want is to feel heard, I suppose. At least that’s what I’m feeling whenever I’m writing. 

What’s next for Kaitlyn Shuko?

I’m putting out a mixtape soon! Working on my art, trying to hold it together in this quarantine for the time being. Hope everything is doing the same and doing well.

Check out Kaitlyn Shuko “Breathe”  below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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