nÜ nÜ – GUD @ GUDBYES (feat. Raene)

nÜ nÜ – GUD @ GUDBYES (feat. Raene)

Picking a record that will make a statement as a musician isn’t an easy feat. Making sure you bring a record to the table that speaks for you, and shows how much talent you have to offer the world. With his Tommy Boy Records debut, nÜ nÜ is loud and clear that his amazing music that is must hear on his new release “GUD @ GUDBYES” featuring Raene.

The new record from nÜ nÜ is a record that is packed with unlimited mass appeal on his new song “GUD @ GUDBYES” featuring Raene. The music is big time with amazing production that’s great in it’s ability to set a mood, and take off for the chorus. The songwriting is impressive, being masterful in it’s articulation, with Raene delivering a vocal performance that helps sell it as the sure hit that it is.

This debut from nÜ nÜ “GUD @ GUDBYES” featuring Raene is audio art that the world can enjoy, and a great record that holds a high standard of music quality that can be appreciated by music lovers everywhere. The song is impressive in every way and is a record waiting for you to press play to hear the magic.

Check out nÜ nÜ featuring Raene “GUD @ GUDBYES” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!


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