Moyka – Backwards (Official Video)

Moyka – Backwards (Official Video)

What makes music art is how it makes you feel. The thoughts it invokes, and the picture it paints for the listener. The way that Moyka lets her talents shine on “Backwards” you can’t deny that is a Pop masterpiece.

Moyka makes music the world will love on the new song “Backwards”. It’s a record you can hear in any part of the world, with a mainstream sound that goes beyond a genre, and just goes into audio bliss. The vocals are perfect and serve as the perfect guide, over this amazing production that sets the perfect stage for her to shine.

Moyka’s “Backwards” is everything people want to hear when they press play on a record. It’s musical brilliance from the production, singing, and writing that come together in a divine way to create amazing audio for the world to hear.

Check out Moyka “Backwards” below and follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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