Jessie Iris – Bored as Hell

Jessie Iris – Bored as Hell

One of the biggest keys to making a song last is the engaging elements of the record. The elements in the song that make it fun to hear, and keeps your attention to the point you want to share with others. That’s the type of music Jessie Iris has on his new song “Bored as Hell”

Jessie Iris creates a mainstream sound that is truly mesmerizing with his new song “Bored as Hell”. This talented artist makes a fun record that can brighten any day, as he takes you on a journey of musical bliss, you never knew you needed but everything you could possibly ask for and more. The production is stellar as well as the vocal performance, with great songwriting that makes it a must hear smash.

Jessie Iris “Bored as Hell” is the type of record that puts the fun in music, and makes you want to groove for time to come. The level of musicianship is undeniable and can only be admired and appreciated from critics and fans alike.

Check out Jessie Iris “Bored as Hell” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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