Louis JJ – Feel Away

Louis JJ – Feel Away

Being in this position we never take for granted how fortunate we are to hear so much music. We take the good days, with the bad days till its better days through the whole process. Hearing tracks like “Feel Away” from Louis JJ makes everything so worth it.

Louis JJ has talent that can’t be denied with his new song “Feel Away”. The record sounds like sheer art with, Louis JJ’s production skills being on full display for the world to enjoy. Louis enlists MckDarko for a feature to deliver to the vocals which he knocks out the park,with a vocal performance that meshes to perfection with the music, while delivering incredible lyrics over this amazing production.

Louis JJ’s “Feel Away” is musical brilliance the world should hear. It’s an amazing record that truly hits the target in every criteria for music. It’s a daring approach in music that pays major dividends as the creativity shines brighter than ever.

Check out Louis JJ “Feel Away” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!


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