Euphorik talks Career, Influences, “Take Control”, Challenges, and What’s to Come

Euphorik talks Career, Influences, “Take Control”, Challenges, and What’s to Come

Hip Hop has grown so much from the beginning and continues to do so everyday. Every one has a rhyme and some succeed while some fold. All praise is due to the artists who can not only make great music but make a consistency of excellence. All praise is due for Euphorik. He’s been giving us great content and we wanted to learn more about the man behind the music. Hewas gracious with his time and gave us a in depth interview on the music. Below is the interview.

For those that don’t know. Who is Euphorik the artist?

Euphorik is a 23 year old Rapper/Singer/Producer from Victoria BC Canada. All self taught and self motivated.

Who are some of the influences and how do you incorporate that into the music?

One of my biggest influences is Russ. He gives artists like me lots of insight on the benefits of owning your own career (owning your masters, not having to rely on other people to make songs, etc.) He also talks about longevity and that has always been something I believe in. I don’t think theres much point in focusing on having one big song and riding that wave for as long as possible. It is far better to build a catalogue of great music that is unique to you and build a core fan base from that.

So to sum it up, I incorporate what I learn from Russ and other independent artists into my own work ethic and business mind set. 100 songs with 1000-10,000 plays is better than one song with a million.

What was your favorite part of creating your new song “Take Control”?

My favourite part of making that song was definitely experimenting vocally. So far in my career I haven’t been know to sing much so the fact that this song is 50% melody is super dope to me. I’ve always wanted to sing and do melody it’s just not something I had really been focused on until this year. It’s about building the confidence and I am finally at a point where I believe in my melodies and not just my raps. Expect 1000% more melody from me from now on.

How is it going managing your career with COVID going on?

Besides loosing money from not being able to do live shows it is actually going great. I got laid off from my day job so now I pretty much live in the studio. I know these are very unfortunate and uncertain times but I am So grateful that I’m able to do music full time right now.

What is the biggest thing you want people to take away from your new song “Take Control”?

The thing I want people to take away from that song is vulnerability. It’s a very vulnerable song touching on a topic I hadn’t really delved into before, talking about my family struggles and the pressure of always feeling like I need to be there and be a provider. Be their backbone. Not that I don’t want to be but I have a career I’m trying to build and it takes up 95% of my time and energy, so there’s a certain guilt that comes with that. But moral of the story, do not be afraid to be vulnerable. That is where the best art and relationships come from.

What’s next for Euphorik?

Well it’s hard to say because of COVID, but I’m going to stay locked in the studio for the time being and keep dropping a song every Friday. Then once this is all over I’m going to be going on the biggest tour of my career so far, it got postponed due to the pandemic but it will definitely still be happening. For the time being I’m just going to keep giving everyone content, songs and beat breakdown videos every week.

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