SHDW – Shdwboxing

SHDW – Shdwboxing

Music can hit in many different ways, but it’s always exciting when an artist doesn’t waste a second to show you their skills. A record that you hit play and you can hear the artist in top form, knowing by the level of quality work was put in to bring you a special sound. That’s what SHDW does on his new song “Shdwboxing”.

SHDW ups his game and gives you classic work on his new song “Shdwboxing”. His presence felt immediately and grabs your attention as soon as he speaks. He steps up to deliver some of his most impressive rhyming to date. The flow being more fluid and exhilarating than ever, with each line packing a punch to live to the name.

SHDW’s “Shdwboxing” is that must hear Hip Hop music from an impressive artist, with supreme level talent. He’s focused beyond measure and it shines to the fullest on his new release to show you he’s here to stay and make an impact for some time to come.

Check out SHDW “Shdwboxing” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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