Master Pen: Sean Michael

Master Pen: Sean Michael

A lot of Hip Hop is made daily, but not many Hip Hop records make you stop in your tracks, to pay attention. That type of music you hear, and it grabs all of your attention, cause you know if you miss a second, you can miss a gem in the record. That’s the type of music that only comes from someone with a Master Pen, and Sean Michael has just that. With his latest release “Bad Decisions” his talent is in full display. Sean took some time to break down his latest effort. Below he breaks down his Master Pen.

Who is Sean Michael the artist?

I am just a kid trying to make a name for himself using his story. I lost 10 friends over the past 10 years to mainly drugs, but also, suicide, a motorcycle accident, and a heart conditions and along the way developed a drinking habit. Thankfully I made it out of that one alive, but it makes for some interesting stories. I am fortunate enough to have an outlet such as Hip-Hop to talk about this and maybe help some people going through similar things.

What inspired the lyrical approach to your “Bad Decisions”?

I wrote this song extremely hungover, anxious, and in a state of depressions haha this song is my life. I’ve struggled with alcohol abuse in the past years and I let that take the front seat when I sit down and write songs. Thankfully I am in a better place now. This song has a very cool vibe but make no mistake if you check under the hood there’s a lot of pain underneath it all.

In your opinion what is the bar you wrote that you knew would get people’s attention and break it down?

I think “I want to change my life but I don’t know how, because I make bad decisions every time that I go out” is the bar most people will laugh and be like “I hear you on that.” I wanted this to be an extremely relatable song, and bar for bar I believe I nailed it on the head with that.

What do you think is the bar that people may sleep on listening to your song “Bad Decisions” and why?

“Life’s a b**** she a thot, this is rock bottom… guess that b**** is doing squats” is a really dope bar in my opinion. I think it’ll pass by the average listener but some that have been following me will catch it. I really put an emphasis on how I deliver lines and at what times during the verses I place them. I write hoping to get a rise out of people so hopefully this catches those who like witty punchlines by surprise.

What would you rate your pen on “Bad Decisions” 1-10? 10 being the

I think my pen game is an 8.2 on this one. I don’t by any means think it’s perfect, it lacks intricate rhyme schemes and doesn’t utilize syllables in any creative way. I have other songs that use those approaches. I literally wrote this to be very clear, understandable, very relatable, and not over the top thought provoking. I wanted people to hear this and say wow I relate to what he just said.

What can people expect next from Sean Michael?

I have a lot of music coming out, I am very excited for people to hear it. Being in quarantine doesn’t allow for much exciting upcoming news like shows and things of that nature. I will be heavily active on social though, follow me on instagram @seanmichael and TikTok @seanmichaelraps for the latest!!

Check out Sean Michael “Bad Decisons” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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