Queen Millz – Money

Queen Millz – Money

Music is very diverse and can be made in different ways. You can make something chill or music with high energy that grabs you right away. Some music just has the feel of something great you’ve heard before an instantly entices you. That is the case for Queen Millz “Money” that sounds like an exciting start to a world takeover.

Queen Millz brings her infectious swagger on this excellent new track “Money”. Millz doesn’t waste a single second, as she flex all over this exhilarating production with rhymes that are the perfect combination of conscious awareness, flair, and bravado, accompanied by this flow that straps you in and takes you on a thrilling ride.

Queen Millz “Money” gives her established fans and new ones all they can ask for on this track with unlimited repeat value that keeps you engaged from start to finish. This new record “Cash” is right on the money and gives you a one of a kind musical experience you must catch now.

Check out Queen Millz “Money” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!


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