Muva Dame speaks on her Artistry, “Tell Me”, and What’s to Come

Muva Dame speaks on her Artistry, “Tell Me”, and What’s to Come

Some of the best music to hear is music you know the artist is giving their all. The music that is filled with so much authenticity and conviction you hang on every word cause you know it’s so true. That’s the type of music that Muva Dame has, and you can hear it in her latest release “Tell Me”. She was gracious enough to take time to answer some questions for us. Below is the interview.

Who is Muva Dame, the artist?

The woman I am behind the music is a shy & introverted person. The artist in me is daring and fearless. As an artist, I’m not afraid to share my darkest times through melodies and display my heart on a stage in front of others who can relate. Being 100% creative and allowing my life stories to spill unto a paper that forms a work of art is what pushes me most. It is like watching your dreams manifest.. such a complete feeling. 

Who are some of the influences, and how do you incorporate that into the music?

My younger self inspires me, along with the mid-90s & 2000s R&B artist. I incorporate the younger me into my music through the lyrics. I’ve experienced so much while growing into an adult, and I’m still growing. Every single day helps add to each chapter of my life. Which later on helps me form great lyrics to my songs. Old R&B artists such as Aaliyah, Mary J, Ciara, and more help me find my sound. That’s how I incorporate soul into my music and melodies.

What was your favorite part of creating your new song, “Tell Me”?

Honestly, my favorite part of creating tell me had to be recording the record. Drawing back to what I said earlier, watching words on paper turn into a song is beautiful. The entire process of it. From getting frustrated when you have to record the same note over and over to hearing playback and hearing that you might have a hit on your hands. I enjoyed making this record especially the “Dusse” part lol

What went into you deciding it was time to release “Tell Me.”

I felt like Girl Code showed my ladies how to be strong and real with yourself when it comes to moving on after a heartbreak. Not to let just anyone in. A part of being real with yourself is to understand as people we tend to return to old flings for that “good thang.” When turning back, it is important that each person is honest about what they want and need.

It was perfect timing to drop “Tell Me” 4 months later because people were waiting to see what’s next in my catalog and this was perfect to drop before the summer vibes aka when its time to cut all toxic ties .. I can’t wait to show my supporters what I have in store for hot girl weather.

What is the biggest thing you want people to take away from your music?

That its ok to love, to be sensitive, to feel exactly how you may be feeling, this generation tends to lack feelings, especially feelings for others. I want people to get that fuzzy feeling when they hear me—that feeling of nostalgia, whether I make you think of when you were deep in love or when you keyed an ex’s car.

But either way, I want you to feel every emotion you had at that moment, then once it’s over, come back to reality and realize you made it through good and bad things and still have HEART.

What’s next for Muva Dame?

I plan to drop an EP, visuals, and more music for my supporters. I’m ready to hit big stages and connect with more women like me. SO NEXT STOP IS BILLBOARD 100!

Check out Muva Dame “Tell Me” below and follow her on social media. Stay Global my Friends!

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