Artist and CEO Joby Wright talks Music, BFA Ent, and More

Artist and CEO Joby Wright talks Music, BFA Ent, and More

Artist have way more control than ever have. Far from the days of artists only doing music, with the new age artists not only having incredible music, but savvy business acumen as well. Any artists who embodies this is Joby Wright. This Indiana talent has high level skills musically and has established an amazing brand called BFA Ent. He was gracious enough to take time to answer some questions for us. Below is the interview

Who is Joby Wright the artist?

A man with a plan. An artist that gives his listeners a true reflection of who he is on every track. Music is a direct medium to communicate a message and I try to utilize that in every song. 

Who are some of your influences in music and business?

Musically, it’s hard to pinpoint a central figure. I’m inspired by life experiences mostly. That’s the best way for me to stay true to myself and remain “real” to my listeners. From a business standpoint I created my own brand before it was really a trend. I try to outdo my previous ventures while also staying as innovative as I can.

What inspired you to start BFA ENT?

My original crew and I loved rap and everything that came with it. I’m from Indiana, and I wanted to put my name on the map. We started doing open mics, which led to me promoting and bringing national acts to my town. Before long, my name was synonymous with shows and concerts. We came up with the name, BROTHER FROM ANOTHER to represent what we stood for. BFA became a movement, and I’m forever grateful for the people that believed in the idea and the vision. 

What challenges have you ran into building the brand and how have you overcome them? 

The biggest challenge is staying relevant. All the time you hear people say you need to reinvent yourself. I disagree with that notion. To me, it’s all about sticking to your roots while also focusing on constant growth. 
What is the biggest thing you want people to take away from you and your brand?

Make every move a genuine one. Getting caught up in what everyone else is doing is a mistake. Being an individual is so important, and we want to stand out. Believe in what you do 100%

What’s next for Joby Wright?

I’ve dropped a lot of projects over the years, but my last two projects have been very well received. Genesis and Exodus are basically Chapter 1 and 2 of the Joby Wright story. I put them out to give my fans a blueprint. This summer I will give the people Chapter 3, Leviticus. The last book of the trilogy, and to me the most important one. Look out for that! 

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