Alexi Paraschos – Mine

Alexi Paraschos – Mine

There’s more music out than it’s ever been but no music beats music that feels good to hear. Music that you hear and it instantly picks up your mood to a feeling of joy you needed. That’s what you get from Alexi Paraschos with his new song “Mine”. 

Alexi Paraschos gives you something old and something new with his new song “Mine”. The music is funky and has a sound that’s reminiscent of 80’s Michael Jackson, that makes for exciting music. The vocal performance feels good to the ears and rides this production to perfection, with everything coming together in perfect time to make a jam.

Alexi Paraschos “Mine” is the perfect tune to add some light to your life. It’s that feel good music that brings people together and feels good to hear, with a record that’s packed with a groove that you hope never ends.

Check out Alexi Paraschos “Mine” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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