Passport Rav – Outer Riches Inner Poverty

Passport Rav – Outer Riches Inner Poverty

Setting a standard is important when being an artist. Creating high quality music to the point, when someone sees your name they can expect excellence, before hearing a second of the tune. That type of standard is hard to set but great artist always emerge, especially Passport Rav with his new song “Outer Riches Inner Poverty”.

Passport Rav does everything he’s known for and more on his new song “Outer Riches Inner Poverty”. The flow is more fluid and poetic than ever as he plays narrator for the times we are in. The lyricism is sharp and paints the picture well, with each line popping out as truth, and delivered to perfection.

Passport Rav’s “Outer Riches Inner Poverty” is a record packed with soul that makes Hip Hop stick with you for a lifetime. He brings his music to you in a real way, and accompanies it with a video shot in London that brings the vision to life in the best way for possible for fans everywhere.

Check out Passport Rav “Outer Riches Inner Poverty” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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