Muva Dame – Tell Me

Muva Dame – Tell Me

Songs that stick with you for a lifetime, are records that you can relate to. Records that have an authenticity to it’s approach, that you can feel it and take it in, as your own story. It’s those records that will always stand out in a real way and that’s what you get from Muva Dame on her new song “Tell Me”.

Muva Dame has a sound that takes you back to music feeling good to hear, while bringing you her new approach to music, that works wonders on her new release “Tell Me”. The songwriting is impressive in it’s story telling, and are super relatable enough to stick with you. The songwriting isn’t the only impressive thing with her vocal performance shining bright on this new release.

Muva Dame’s “Tell Me” is everything great that R&B music has to offer to the world. It takes everything good from the classic approach to the genre, and brings it new life to make damn good music to enjoy.

Check out Muva Dame “Tell Me” below and follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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