Harry Nathan Featuring you – Harriet Tubman?

Harry Nathan Featuring you – Harriet Tubman?

It’s important to acknowledge great music when you hear it. That music that is game changing and know is something great. We usually don’t post instrumentals but some music, is worth breaking the rules for and Harry Nathan’s new song “Harriet Tubman?” featuring you is on of those special records.

Harry Nathan crafts a record that is jamming from beginning to end on the new song “Harriet Tubman?”. It’s fun and exciting music, that can bring the party to wherever you press play at. The grooves are infectious and will keep you moving for every second, on this incredible piece of audio that is worth the listen for music lovers everywhere.

Harry Nathan’s “Harriet Tubman” featuring you is that type of record that makes finding music exciting. It has a fresh approach that pays major dividends for this Australian talent. If you’re looking for good music, you can end your search on this special tune.

Check out Harry Nathan Featuring you “Harriet Tubman” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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