Shon Weathers – Jet Fuel

Shon Weathers – Jet Fuel

Happy Friday! Hope everyone is starting their weekend right and if you need help you’ve come to the right place. We try to bring the best we can daily but especially on Fridays. With the latest release from Shon Weathers he outdoes himself on “Jet Fuel”.

Shon Weathers shows a new part of his game in a superb fashion on his new song “Jet Fuel”. Shon is known for making super swaggy music, but with this record he takes you in a different direction, and bars your life away. He’s poised and focused as he delivers incredible lyricism over this soulful bet, that makes it a match made in heaven for this Hip Hop gem.

Shon Weathers “Jet Fuel” is him taking his game to another level. He shows his infinite amount of talent and gives you must hear record. Everything clicks and works in a divine way to make this some of his finest work to date.

Check out Shon Weathers “Jet Fuel” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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