Garzi – SICK OF ME (with Travis Barker)

Garzi – SICK OF ME (with Travis Barker)

Happy Friday!! We’ve made it through another week and we hope it’s been a great one. For all the trouble we go through in a week, you deserve to hear nothing but the best music possible and when we say the best music, we mean that new record from Garzi called “SICK OF ME” with Travis Barker.

Garzi shines and doesn’t waste a single second on his new exciting record “SICK OF ME”. The creativity is amazing and refreshing, as Garzi is daring in his execution of fusing together Punk, Emo, and Hip Hop to make one stellar track. Garzi’s lyrics are raw, the vocal performance on each phase of the track is on point, and all delivered masterfully, with Travis Barker on the drums to add a special touch.

Garzi’s “SICK OF ME” is a great track that showcases his engaging style of music, as well as the innovation he gives to his approach. He strives for greatness and gives a record that breaks barriers while also having something for all music fans to enjoy. 

Check out Garzi with Travis Barker “SICK OF ME” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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